Shiny Apps

I’ve written a number of shiny apps that help with experimental design and analysis.

  1. Power Calculator Calculates statistical power for simple and clustered experimental designs. Accompanies this EGAP Methods Guide on power analysis.
  2. Analysis of Field Experiments Analyzes experiments facing noncompliance.  You can either enter summary statistics in the “Basic” tab or you can upload a dataset with treatment assignment, treatment receipt, and outcome.
  3. Multiple Comparisons Calculator Provides Bonferroni, Holm, or Benjamini and Hochberg corrections for multiple comparisons. Accompanies this EGAP Methods Guide on multiple comparisons.
  4. Geographic Spillover Demonstrates how estimates of spillover effects depend on the assumed spillover structure.  Accompanies this EGAP Methods Guide on spillovers.
  5. Central Limit Theorem in Action Shows 1. How fast (or slow!) the sample mean converges to the population mean and 2. How fast (or slow!) the sampling distribution of the sample mean becomes approximately normal.